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PPO Discounts & Savings of 20% - 60% Off
$5.95/mo for Individuals, $14.95/mo for Families


The Family Dental Plan is an affordable discount dental plan . It is NOT Dental Insurance . Rather, it is a large PPO provider network with over 120,000 dentists and dental clinics nationwide. The savings at these dentists range from 20%-60% and typically average around 50% off the total price.

This savings pay for the plan itself!. If you purchase traditional Dental Insurance , you may never recover your expensive monthly premium unless something major goes wrong. If you take care of your teeth you most likely will end up paying more for your insurance than you save in covered costs.

With the Family Dental Plans the monthly premiums are so low (starting at $5.95 per month) you can save more than the monthly premium with just routine cleanings, exams, and x-rays!


Need a Family Dental Plan?

Have you had a tough time finding affordable family dental insurance???
Finding family dental and health insurance can be a real hassle.
Do you have a certain family dentist you would like to keep???
Many Dental plans have a limited number of local family dentistry locations.

What is Family Dental Plan?

The FAMILY DENTAL PLANS is not insurance. It is a Discount Dental plan. You will receive discounts of 20%-60% off at the PPO dentists.

  • - No Waiting Periods
  • - No Exclusion
  • - No Annual Limits
  • - No Cosmetic Exclusions
  • - No Claim Forms
  • - No Risk (30 day free trial)
  • - No Reason to Wait

Family Dentists & Specialists

The Family Dental Plans can be used at over 120,000 dentists nationwide. All types of providers accept the plan including:

  • - Family Dentists
  • - Orthodontists
  • - Endodontists
  • - Oral Surgeons
  • - Pedodontists
  • - Periodontists
  • - Prosthodontists

Disclaimer: All Regular Provider Prices, Discounts, and Savings vary by location and dental specialty. All References to Regular Provider Prices, Discounts, and Savings are for illustration purposes only and are only available at participating providers.